Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mothers Day Lunch

This weekend was Mothers Day here in the UK so on Sunday I headed to Essex to spend the day with my family. My sister invited me and my Mum over for Sunday lunch, although she forgot to mention that I would be cooking! Luckily I enjoy cooking so I didn't mind. Once the food was in the oven and the veg was prepped, we got onto the all important business of a good girly catch up and gossip over a bottle of wine.

I hadn't seen everyone for ages and it was lovely spending time with niece and nephew

Soon enough it was time for dinner. Pork with roast potatoes and veg was the dish of the day. There was cheesecake for pudding but that got demolished before there was anytime for photos!

My Mother hates posing for photos but I managed to sneak a few. Doesn't she look lovely!

And here is a very rare one of the two of us...

A few more random snaps from our afternoon together...

It was such a lovely day. Must do lunch with the fam more often.

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