Friday, 27 September 2013

Summer Holiday

My sister and I have just returned from a well deserved break in Spain. 4 days of sunshine and no responsibility was just what we both needed and we are already planning our next holiday.

We flew to Barcelona and stayed in Santa Susanna which is a relaxing and chilled resort in Costa Brava. 

Most of our days were spent lazing on the beach and trying every cocktail we could find which included a LOT of sangria.

My Sister

Couldn't resist a selfie. I  love beach wraps. The one I am wearing in this photo is an ankle length beach wrap from Matalan that I bought last Summer.

We managed to drag ourselves away from our sun loungers long enough to visit the local market. Shopping in 28 degree heat is thirsty work so naturally we stopped off for more cocktails.

Apart from our trip to the market we spent every available second soaking up the sunshine. Our evenings were spent sampling the local cuisine and bar hopping. The cocktails in Santa Susanna really are good!

Wish I was back there now.

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