Monday, 9 July 2012

Holiday Shopping

I am off to Ibiza in September and I absolutely cannot wait! This will be my first holiday in over 12 months and to say I am in need of break is an understatement to say the least. I am terrible at shopping for holidays. I tend to leave it all to the last minute and get more excited about buying miniature beauty products than beach wear. This time round I'm determined not to spend the weekend before my holiday running round Topshop looking like a deranged sweating animal, desperately hunting down swimwear that won't leave me looking like Peppa Pig. Oh no, this year I am going to be organised, and I have already started - yay me! After a few hours traipsing round my local shopping centre, I impressed myself by picking up a few bargains.

This dress/tunic from Primark left me baffled and bemused when I saw it on the hanger. There was a rail full of them on sale for £5 and I'm not surprised they weren't shifting. At first glance I just couldn't work it out. The hanger was placed in the middle of the loop, leaving it looking like a very asymmetric and impossible to wear dress. It didn't help that the hanger string (you know - that little loop of black thread on the inside of tops/dresses so you can hang them up properly - hanger string - that's what I'm calling it) was on the opposite side of the non-existent shoulder. Fail. After taking it off the hanger and rotating it several different ways, I realised it was actually a one shoulder top. I was wearing black leggings at the time which went quite well together. Just need to add some wedges for a sexy clubbing outfit - good to go.

I am in love with this beach wrap. Just £12 from Matalan! I can so see myself wearing this with a floppy beach hat and monster sized shades, strutting about like the diva my vodka self thinks I am. It nips in at the waist with a drawstring to hide any post burger bulge of which I'm sure there will be many.

Here is the material in close up


  1. Nice shoppings ! <3 I really love your blog! It would mean a lot to me, if you would check my blog ^^

  2. Thank you! Of course I will check out your blog :)


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