Monday, 9 July 2012

Weekend Manicure

Don't hate me - but sometimes I just love rainy days. Admittedly not when I am partying and have spent 2 hours blow drying and straightening my thick, stubborn frizz, but if I have no plans, and it is windy and raining outside, I love being snuggled up on my sofa in the cosy warm. Throw in a bit of thunder and lightening and I am in seventh heaven. Rather than continuing to moan about the miserable weather, with no plans for my Sunday afternoon, I decided to indulge in a home manicure. Here are my tools:

I started of by cutting and filing my nails. You can see from this pic just how dry and flaky they were.


I then used a base coat and you can see the difference this made

Next was this gorgeous polish by Essie which was a freebie from who were giving out samples as part of their spa promotions on Friday. Oh how I love a freebie, and I just love this colour!

Next up was a top coat. I used Seche Vite which is a bit expensive but totally worth it. It makes your nails look uber glossy and colour lasts a lot longer. A quick spray of Elegant Touch Rapid Dry and voila! Here is the end result.

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