Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June Beauty Empties


These are all of the beauty products that I have got through this month:
Clockwise from left:
Mitcham Advanced Control Deodorant in Powder Fresh
Doo Gro - Grow Repair Conditioner
Imperial Leather Aqua Therapy Bath
L'Oreal Nutri Soft 24 Hour Velvet Body Lotion
Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub
Dove Shea Butter Soap
Dove Pro-Age Hand Cream
My favourite product has to be the L'Oreal Nutri Soft 24 Hour Velvet Body Lotion. It smells fresh and feels light but still does a good job of moisturising which makes it ideal for the nasty humid weather we are experiencing at the moment. I'm usually not very loyal to body lotion brands. I mostlychoose moisturiser based on the cheapest that smells nice and suits dry skin. This one ticks all my boxes so when I spotted it at half price in Superdrug, I bought it in bulk. I'm down to my last bottle so went on the hunt for some more but they were out of stock. Please don't let it be discontinued!

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